Niece or Nephew?

So my brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first child. When they first told my family that they were expecting, we kind of looked at them like they were joking. My brother can be a big joker, so if you knew my brother you would totally understand. They told us they were expecting at our family Christmas in December. I was shocked and had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming or anything. Now that it is really starting to sink in, it is becoming more believable that my older brother is going to be a dad. At first, it was hard for me to comprehend because I was still stuck seeing my brother as who he was when we were growing up. But now, I could not be more excited that they are expecting their first child.

My sister’s youngest son had his 6th birthday party last weekend. There I found out that they had moved the due date of my future niece or nephew to August 19th, my birthday, from their previous August 5th date. I really got excited about that. I mean it is completely doubtful that this little bundle of joy would be born on my birthday (it could happen), but I am just excited that I may have someone to celebrate a birthday with in August. Right there I think makes our bond awesome already. Haha. May be getting ahead of myself a little with that.

So yesterday, they had a doctor’s appointment and an ultra sound where they were able to determine the sex of this little bundle of joy. Well come to find out, the due date got pushed back by a day. So now the bundle of joy’s due date is August 20th. So maybe he or she will be born on my birthday. 😉 I mean I will be his or her’s favorite aunt after all. Hard to believe my sister-in-law is precisely half way through her pregnancy already.

My brother and sister-in-law called me yesterday to tell me whether I was going to be having a niece or a nephew. I already had this assumption that they would have a boy (but really hoping for a girl) since I figured it would be the opposite of what I wanted. Plus, they had agreed on a boy name already and could not decide on a girl name. Well…. are you ready to figure out what they are having? They are having a GIRL!!!!!! This soon-to-be aunt is super excited! Don’t get me wrong, I would love this baby if it were a boy or a girl equally. But it is just super exciting that I will finally have a niece! My older sister has two boys and she is not planning on having any more children. Therefore, it is exciting to have my first niece in August. This little girl will be spoiled to no end by both families.

To my soon-to-be niece, you are going to have so many people wrapped around your little fingers. I am excited to see my brother, your dad, fall in love with his little girl. You are going to have two older boy cousins who will be very protective of their little girl cousin. And your grandmother, my mom, cried with joy when your mommy and daddy told her she is having a granddaughter. You are going to steal the hearts of so many when you arrive. So many of us cannot wait to meet you! We all love you so much already. I hope to be an aunt that you can count on to be your best friend and role model. Maybe one day when God brings a man who may become your future uncle into my life one day, that you will be the flower girl in the wedding.

Little girl, see you in August!

Graduation T-Minus 28 Days

Throughout my college career, I always looked forward to the day where I would be done with my undergrad and walk across the stage to receive my diploma. Well, now that the day is vastly approaching in 28 days, it is starting to become slightly frightening. Why is it slightly frightening? Everyone says it should be a joyous day and such a big accomplishment. Yes, it will be such a big accomplishment. But in my opinion, it is not such a big accomplishment unless you have a job lined up after the ceremony. I am scared to be stuck at a part time job that barely pays my monthly bills, let alone groceries and gas. All the jobs I have applied for, I have not received a single phone call to arrange an interview for. Therefore, I am quite terrified that once I graduate in 28 days that I am really not going to be able to pay current bills and college loans in 6 months. Everyone keeps saying that I job will fall into my lap and to keep the faith. It is just frightening when I applied for jobs two months ago and have not heard a single thing regarding my application. And now I am resourcing to applying to companies I have never heard of or feel like I would be happy working for. Never imagined working in a career that I am not going to enjoy.

Many of my peers have jobs lined up upon graduation. I am just sitting in the corner of the classroom feeling isolation rushing over me because it seems I may be under qualified when compared to my peers. I pray to God every night that I get at least one phone call in the next 28 days for a job interview. I know He has a master plan for my life but just terrifying not knowing. So I just want to say congrats to all my peers who have jobs lined up upon graduation and CHIRP CHIRP!

Gillette vs. Customer Service

Some companies either have excellent customer service, or it is just a complete failure. Gillette is a company where their customer service just is not up to par where consumers would probably appreciate them to be. In today’s day and age, social media has allowed a whole new perspective of addressing complaints with companies for the consumers. It makes it a whole lot easier for complaints to become public for the rest of the world to see. Customer Service is something that is dear to my heart considering I am a Customer Service representative at a retail store.

Gillette’s customer service based on their Twitter account is something that definitely lacks sincerity. Below is one example of the insincerity of Gillette’s customer service response.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.15.46 PM

The responses Gillette gave consumers seemed to be the same for all customer service related tweets that consumers were posting. The response of giving them a call does not really show if anything ever got resolved. But in the above example, the consumer goes beyond Gillette’s response of Twitter and mentions that it did not really help with his situation since he is in the UK. The UK number that was given when he called the above phone number, no one ever answered the phone. And yet, Gillette has not responded to his last tweet since it was posted.

Most of the responses are standalone responses to the consumers’ complaints. Standalone responses that are pretty well scripted. They are not quite genuine and caring about the consumer first hand. It is just giving them a phone number to call the company’s customer service team. It could be a little more genuine and actually putting their customer first. Especially with one of the customer’s complaining about face going numb after using their shaving cream. There is no sincerity in the response for that tweet either. And out of the ten complaints that mention them in tweets, Gillette responded 100% to them. They typically respond within the same day, if not the next day. Just wish they would be a little more genuine to their consumers.

You Know You Are a Fair Kid When…

So so so true! Fair was a way of life!

Roots and Ladders

You Know You’re a Fair Kid When….

183645_194872147201568_6381113_n Rylee Suhadolnik at the Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo

1. You have the habit of writing your name on EVERYTHING. Everyone has the same shovel and shares everything to make sure the barn stays clean. If your name isn’t on it, it might accidentally end up in someone else’s tack. Sharpies are your best friend. You lose one staple gun, and trust me, you will never hear the end of it.

2. You know what tack is. While most think of a sharp pin object, to you it is all your prized possessions. Your tools of the trade to make sure your livestock are happy, healthy and clean.

3. You have learned not judge the outfits worn to do morning herdsman-ship. It’s early, you haven’t had breakfast yet and you have exactly 30 minutes until the judges come around. Sweatpants and cowboy boots…

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Smart Phone? What’s that?!?

For this blog assignment, students are suppose to look at a brand or company on social media on their mobile device to see how it is different compared to their computer screens. Unfortunately, I am not quite into that era of technology. I may be one of a few 23 year olds who do not have a smart phone. Don’t get me wrong, I have always wanted one. But just can’t afford one nor do my parents care to have a data package for a cell phone plan. Heck, I did not get my first cell phone until a week before I moved into Lafollette my freshman year here at Ball State five years ago. Therefore, it seems that I have always lacked being a part of the “new” technology when it arrives. Tends to take me a few years to reach that aspect of technology. I tend to get into the technology that was cool 5 years ago and not cool anymore.

So without having a smart phone or tablet, I am not sure how to go about this assignment except explain that I am not like most millennials who have the latest technology. I always tend to reach that point when something greater and more technological advanced comes out. Therefore, I feel like I am no where close to the typical millennial.

Suave Social Media Campaign

Suave is a personal hygeine brand of Unilever whom has been around for nearly seventy years that produces a variety of personal hygiene products for the entire family. For women, they try to manufacturer professional salon products to give the female consumers the salon treatment feeling all year round. In the last few years, Suave has reinvented the brand from the inside out with improved formulations, sleep packaging and overall new products.

The target audience for the brand is primarily mothers. The reasoning is the fact that mothers are the primary purchaser for personal hygiene products for the family. They most likely range from the age 26 to mid 40’s who work. Therefore, they are the target audience I would like to primarily reach. She is always the mom who puts the kids needs first before her own. Therefore, it is needed for a mom to take care of herself for a change.

Pinterest seems to be the most popular social media platform that mothers of this demographic would typically use. Therefore, it would serve as the platform for this social media marketing campaign for Suave’s Professionals collection of hair products. It would provide the opportunity for mothers to pin different hair ideas that Suave promotes through Pinterest to refer to in the near future.

The goal of this social media campaign is to get mothers more interested in the Professional collection of hair products to get more interest in giving herself more time that she deserves since she always puts herself last when it comes to the family. A mother deserves to treat herself once in awhile because of the hard work of raising and taking care of a family has become for working moms.

When it comes to metrics of success, currently we are looking at the current industry results that Suave is competing in. With those results, we are basing the decision on whether or not it can be effectively achieved to enhance the Professionals collection performance amongst the competitors.

Proposed Gillette Marketing Campaign, #BestShave


Gillette is a brand of Procter & Gamble that manufacturers razors and other grooming products for men and women. Primarily, I am focusing on their men grooming industry. In 1900, a man, named King C. Gillette, came up with the idea of disposable blades. By 1901, King C. Gillette proved everyone wrong and had innovated the razor. Ever since his idea became a reality, Gillette razors have come a long way from 1901 to today.

Currently in Gillette’s male grooming industry, their target audience are typically Generation X and Generation Y males. These males age range is 18 to 34 years of age according to Mark Herro’s comment on Quora. Typically, this age group is either a college student or college grad who appreciates good hygiene of no or little facial hair. The brand also target sport fanatics, whether they are athletes or just fans, because in recent marketing tactics they have had heavy emphasis of advertising for big sporting events.

Yes, Gillette is relatively well-known due to the fact of them being a brand of Procter & Gamble’s. But, with this marketing campaign, it is a goal to reach more of this audience to give them the desire to purchase Gillette grooming products. How can we reach more of the audience? Using Twitter. Currently, Gillette’s twitter account has so many different hashtags. Something they need to clean up. Therefore, the marketing campaign hashtag I hope to be used is #BestShave. This marketing campaign will attempt to convince men that Gillette provides the best shave compared to its competitors. I believe this campaign will serve not only prospects, but also current customers. The hashtag #BestShave, hopefully, will get current consumers wanting to interact on social media with the brand by displaying a picture of their best shave using Gillette products. This will then possibly help enhance the prospective consumers to want to purchase Gillette grooming products.

With the #BestShave campaign, as mentioned, the primary social media platform used would be Twitter. Utilize celebrity athlete endorsements to bring more awareness of this campaign since Gillette heavily advertises during big sport events. Not only have commercials to tweet about for the #BestShave, but also get the celebrity athletes to tweet about their best shaves. With the celebrities tweet interaction, it can also enforce more customer interaction for the brand on their Twitter account. This idea of #BestShave can also be utilized with Gillette’s current campaign of the #shavetest of letting men know that women are more interested in well-shaved men over the scruffy men.

Competitor and industry benchmarks are the best guides for metrics. They help grow your knowledge of what Gillette’s competitors are currently doing and whether it is effective for them or not. It is always best to do the research. That is one of the ways to make any marketing campaign a success in a slotted amount of time. Besides just competitor and industry benchmarks, must also look at Gillette’s past and current stance in the industry to figure out where different improvements are needed.

The resources needed are definitely a select few of celebrity endorsements to help bring more awareness to the campaign. Celebrities are a great benefit for keeping a brand competing in its industry. Celebrities bring so much more prospective consumers depending on their followers. Along with celebrity endorsements, money is of course needed for the celebrity’s to even be interested in being a part of the campaign. As mentioned before, benchmarks are tools that will need to be utilized to make this an effective campaign as well. With the benchmarks being available for research, this campaign will need individuals who have the skills to comprehend the data from the benchmarks to help make #BestShave successful.